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Werksan is an international leader in elite weightlifting equipment, synonymous with quality and longevity. Our barbells and bumpers are made to the highest standards set by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). Werksan stands by its mission to manufacture the industry’s best products for any training facility. For any coach or athlete who refuse anything but the best, Werksan can provide.

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US Marines
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USA Weightlifting
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  • Sale! 10kg werksan training bumper plate iwf certified

    Training IWF Certified Kilo Bumper Plates

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  • Sale! LionFit 25kg bumper plate

    Lion Series Kilo Bumper Plates

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    Werksan LionFit Performance Bar

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  • Sale! 2.5kg Competition RC Plate

    IWF Certified Competition Rubber Fractional Plates

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  • Sale! 25kg LionFit Black

    Lion Series Black Kilo Bumper Plates

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  • Sale! 20kg Competition Barbell

    Werksan IWF Competition Bar

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