Werksan Developmental Set

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The Werksan technique bumper is a full-size technique disc that features our unique plastic combination to ensure quiet performance and superior life-span. The sleek design includes a convenient lip for a firm grip for easy and safe handling, bar loading and unloading. The bumpers feature a stylish color scheme for easy identification. Our Technique bumpers are the perfect pairing for our 10kg Technique Bars. These plates let you work on your technique in style.

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Gear Specifications

  • 10kg Werksan Developmental Barbell 1 (Grey)
  • 2.5kg Developmental Bumper Plates 2 (Red)
  • 5kg Developmental Bumper Plates 2 (White)

Werksan’s unique design makes our Developmental Bar ideal for the beginning lifter–male or female, young or old–allowing them to load the bar with durable plates and train exactly as they would with a full-weight bar. The reduced sleeve length keeps the overall weight low, while the sleeve spacing makes the bar conveniently rackable on any standard power rack.

The Developmental Bar is built with quality carbon fiber bearings and our new snap ring design comparable to our training and competition bars. If you want a beginner’s or youth barbell that delivers the durability and reliable spin of the best bars in the industry, this is your choice.


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