IWF Certified Training Metal Fractional Plates


IWF LogoWhen athletes are pushing their limits and working toward PRs, every fraction of a kilo matters. Werksan’s metal training plates are designed for this purpose, offering six weight increments from 0.5kg up to 5kg. These metal change plates are made of durable tungsten steel and finished off with a sleek chrome design. Each plate has a 50.4mm diameter collar opening that is compatible with any standard Olympic barbell. Each Werksan plate is tested for quality assurance and colored coded for easy identification. These plates are IWF certified.


Gear Specifications

  • 0.5kg: 135mm / 12.5mm Thickness
  • 1.0kg: 160mm / 15mm Thickness
  • 1.5kg: 175mm / 18mm Thickness
  • 2.0kg: 190mm / 19mm Thickness
  • 2.5kg: 210mm / 19mm Thickness
  • 5.0kg: 230mm / 26mm Thickness


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