IWF Certified Competition Rubber Fractional Plates


IWF LogoWerksan’s fractional weight plates are excellent for incremental training and color-coded for easy identification. The inner hub features a thinner coat of rubber for a solid grip on the bar and minimal noise or movement on the lift. The design also allows for quick, stable loading on the outside of the collar to cut down loading time so you can focus on lifting, not loading. Each plate has a 50.4 diameter collar opening that will fit on any standard Olympic barbell. All fractional plates are IWF certified.


Gear Specifications

  • IWF Certified YES
  • 0.5kg Plate Color: White
  • 1kg Plate Color: Green
  • 1.5kg Plate Color: Yellow
  • 2kg Plate Color: Blue
  • 2.5kg Plate Color: Red
  • 5kg Plate Color: Beige


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